What Are Balayage & Ombre?

All I Need To Know About Balayage & Ombré At Hairstyle Salons

Some of the most popular hair colours among clients at our Greenwich & Beckenham salons continue to be balayage & ombré – hair colour trends that have taken the hairdressing industry by storm! Both these hair colouring techniques create beautiful results, which leave our clients coming back for more.

Both ombré & balayage can be low-maintenance and natural, or as dramatic and striking as you would like. While blonde balayage continues to be a top hair colour trend, we can also create gorgeous balayage & ombré looks using funky fashion colours to really make a statement.

Our expert team at Hairstyle Salons have been highly trained in the art of balayage & ombré, and so have created this quick read to tell you all about these hair colouring techniques before you book in for a fabulous balayage or ombré appointment!

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What Is Balayage?

A common question we get asked at Hairstyle Salons in Greenwich & Beckenham is ‘what is the difference between balayage & ombré?’. Balayage is a hand-painted hair colouring technique, where our skilled colourists carefully paint highlights throughout your hair to give you a subtle sun-kissed glow, or a dramatic bombshell look. This bespoke hair colouring technique is tailored to your desires, & tends to be low maintenance.

What Is Ombré?

Ombré involves a graduation of colour from dark at the roots to lighter towards the tips of your hair. This look is bolder as it is an all-over colour that blends from dark to light. If you really want to have fun with this hair colouring technique, then opt for a fun fashion hair colour such as a smoky grey ombré or deep purple ombré which are totally on-trend & look sensational!

The Benefits Of Balayage & Ombré

There are so many benefits to having balayage or ombré coloured hair, as both techniques create relatively low maintenance looks. Most of our clients at our Greenwich & Beckenham salons book their appointments at 8 week intervals to keep their balayage or ombré looking fabulous & fresh. Our expert stylists can also recommend the best products to maintain your gorgeous new hair colour.

How Long Will My Balayage Or Ombré Appointment Take?

Depending on what colour you want your balayage or ombré, the number of appointments it will take to achieve your desired hair colour will vary. If you simply want your hair a few shades lighter, then this may take one appointment. However, if you have dark hair & want a dramatically lighter hair colour, then this is likely to take more than one appointment. For those of you that want a fun fashion coloured balayage or ombré, such as silver balayage or deep plum ombré, then we will need to pre-lighten your hair at the first appointment & then apply the colour of your choice.

However long your hair colour transformation is going to take, remember, it will all be worth it in the end when you have a stunning new balayage or ombré!

What Do I Need To Do Before My Balayage Or Ombré Appointment?

Before your colour appointment, you will need to come in for a hair colour consultation so that we can discuss exactly what hair colour you would like. During this consultation, we will assess the condition of your hair, create a plan to achieve your desires look, explain the process & how long it will take.

Important: We will also do a quick patch test at least 48 hours before your hair colour appointment to test for allergies.

If your hair isn’t in the right condition to deal with colour straight away, we may recommend a hair treatment in order to get it in the perfect condition to get the best hair colour results.

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