The Rise Of Pastel Hair Colour

Try Pastel Hair Colour At Hairstyle Salons In Greenwich & Beckenham

Pastel Hair Colours at Hairstyle Salons in Greenwich & Beckenham

Recently, soft pastel hair colours have become a top hair trend among celebrities & influencers, which has now hit the high street as well! This new take on bold hair colour made muted allows for a fun, flirty hair colour moment that looks gorgeous on everyone.

If you’re looking for a pretty pastel hair colour, but you’re not sure which one to choose or whether it will suit you… don’t worry, the hair colour experts at Hairstyle Salons in Greenwich & Beckenham are here to help!

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Choosing The Right Hair Colour

With so many different shades to choose from, it can be quite hard to decide which one is right for you. And this is where we come in! Our professional colourists at Hairstyle Salons in Greenwich & Beckenham can help find the perfect hair colour for you during a hair colour consultation. During this consultation, we will discuss what hair colour & tones you like, what colours will work well with your skin tone & undertones, and what statement you would like to make with your hair colour. Most of all, we will get to know you & your personality, to make sure that your hair colour is completely suited to you.

To get you started on thinking about which hair colours would suit you, you may want to consider whether cool colours such as baby blue hair colour & smoky grey hair colour would suit you. Or, perhaps warmer colours such as pastel pink hair colour would be more suited to you! Let us know what you think at your hair colour consultation.

Will Hair Colour Damage My Hair?

As the hair colour experts in Greenwich & Beckenham, we promise to always do our best to protect the integrity of your hair. To achieve a gorgeous pastel hair colour, your hair will need to be lightened as much as possible before we apply the pastel colour you desire. So, if you already have blonde hair, then we may not have to go that much lighter. However, the process may take longer with those who have darker or previously coloured hair. During your hair colour consultation, we will discuss the process & options available to you to achieve the look you are after.

The Best Products For Pastel Coloured Hair

Hair that has been dyed will always need different treatments & products to natural hair to keep it looking happy & healthy. To maintain the condition & colour of your pastel hair colour, you’ll have to use the perfect products for pastel coloured hair.

Our expert colourists at Hairstyle Salons will recommend the best products for pastel coloured hair to keep your pastel hair colour looking bright & beautiful & salon fresh!

Maintaining Pastel Hair Colour

Pastel hair colour is a high maintenance hair colour, but it’s worth it when you look that good! If you use the correct hair products (advised by our highly trained colourists) when washing your hair, then your pastel hair colour will maintain its vibrancy for longer.

Top Tip: Be careful not to over wash your pastel hair colour! Use dry shampoo instead & only wash your hair when necessary to keep that colour looking brilliant & bright.

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