Is Short Hair Right For Me?

Top Tips For Short Hair At Hairstyle Salons In Greenwich & Beckenham

If you’ve had the same long hairstyle for years, maybe it’s time to consider changing it up with a stylish short hairstyle. For those of you that are thinking about getting your hair cut shorter, but are not really sure whether it will suit you or not – we’re here to help! At Hairstyle Salons in Greenwich & Beckenham, our expert stylists are highly trained & have all the knowledge on short hairstyles for you.

Will Short Hair Suit Me?

A common concern among clients who are opting for the chop is whether a short hairstyle will suit them. Well, we’re here to banish your worries, because there’s a short haircut out there for everyone! At Hairstyle Salons, our stylists can use their expertise to find the perfect short hairstyle for you. Our skilled stylists will assess your face shape & sense of style to help pick out a short haircut tailored to you, your lifestyle & personality.

How To Style Short Hair

There are loads of different short hairstyles & also loads of different ways to style your short haircut! A pixie cropped haircut is cute & fun, as well as versatile, as it can be slicked back for an elegant look, or tousled with gel for an edgy hairstyle. Quiffed short hairstyles are also great as they can be as voluminous as you would like depending on how you style it. Just like longer hair, short hair can be straightened, curled, braided… But, if you’re looking for a super short hairstyle where you just roll out of bed & you’re ready to go, then a buzz cut might be the haircut for you!

On-Trend Short Hairstyles

Short hairstyles are a top trend right now & they look like they’re here to stay! Many women feel empowered by their short haircuts & look stylish and cool while doing it. From the catwalks to the highstreets, short hair looks both chic & trendy. With many famous females swapping their long locks for shorter hairstyles, why not you too?

Top Reasons To Have A Short Hairstyle

Short hair is healthy: your hair will look & feel healthier once we’ve cut away all those dead, dry split ends! This also means our expert colourists can colour your hair if you want a new hair colour, as your short hair will be healthy enough to ‘take’ the hair dye.

Short hair is easy to style: we’ve already mentioned a multitude of ways to style short hair, but it’s also super quick & easy to style too! You can wake up ready to go, or quickly apply some product for a gorgeous hairstyle in minutes. If you’re not sure how to style your new short haircut, just ask our friendly stylists at Hairstyle Salons in Greenwich & Beckenham.

Short hair is on-trend: you’ll be the talk of the town with your super-stylish short hairstyle!

Short hair is quick & easy to dry: you will no longer have to deal with the hassle of drying or waiting for your hair to dry!

Short hair compliments gorgeous make-up looks: when you take away the long locks, your make-up can be the star of the show & your short hair will frame your face perfectly.

Short hair is cool: and we don’t just mean trendy cool! During the warmer months, you won’t have hair sticking to your back, making you too hot. Instead, you’ll look & feel cool with your fabulous short hairstyle!

Book Your Short Hair Cut At Hairstyle Salons in Greenwich & Beckenham

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