How To Change Your Hair Colour

Top Tips On Changing Your Hair Colour At Hairstyle Salons In Greenwich & Beckenham

Have you had the same hair colour for years? Maybe it’s time to switch it up with a brand new hair colour! It could be time to find out if blondes really do have more fun, what it’s like to be a beautiful brunette, or whether you’ll feel hot as a fiery redhead.

For those of you that are considering changing your hair colour – whether you want a total transformation or something slightly different – our expert team compiled the top tips for a new hair colour. At Hairstyle Salons, our highly trained colourists are the hair colour experts in Greenwich & Beckenham, meaning we can create the perfect hair colour for you. If you just want to change your hair colour by a few shades or tones then this can be done in one appointment, but those of you looking for a dramatic hair colour change must bear in mind that this can take multiple appointments.

So that you understand the process & duration of your hair colour change, book in for a consultation with our professionals who will explain the best plan of action, and help find a hair colour that suits you.

Important: You will need to come in for a quick patch test 48 hours before any hair colouring appointment to check for any allergies.

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From Brunette to Blonde Hair Colour

When it comes to a drastic change such as changing your hair colour from brunette to blonde, this will take more than one appointment – especially if your hair is very dark to begin with & you want to go extremely light.

The reason it may take two or more appointments to create the blonde hair colour you desire is because we need to pre-lighten your hair before applying the blonde hair colour shade that you want.

You will need to come in for a consultation so that our hair colour specialists can assess the condition of your hair so that they can create the plan to achieve the best blonde results.

All this will be worth it in the end when you have a beautiful blonde hair colour & you’ll be turning heads as a brand new blonde bombshell!

Changing Your Hair Colour From Blonde to Red or Brunette

If you want to change it up from being blonde, but your hair has been bleached blonde, then you may need a deep conditioning treatment before your hair colouring appointment to ensure it’s in the best condition for colouring.

So that you can get used to the complete change from blonde to a darker colour such as red hair colour or brunette hair colour, we may suggest a gradual colour change. This can be achieved by adding in some gorgeous lowlights, or a beautiful balayage to ease you into your fabulous new hair colour.

Fun Fashion Hair Colour Transformations

If you want to make a statement with a fun fashion hair colour, such as pink hair colour or purple hair colour, it’s important to remember that the colour intensity will depend on the starting colour of your hair. So, if you come into one of our salons with white blonde hair, then the fashion hair colour will come out more vivid than if it was applied onto darker hair. Don’t let this hold you back from getting the hair colour of your dreams! At Hairstyle Salons in Greenwich & Beckenham, we will do everything we can to create the hair colour that you desire.

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